From “She” to “It”

The whiteness of her sari bore a different story, Blank face, tearful eyes searching for any leftover glory. Often wondered upon plight of her life, Lost all identity expect “the murderous wife”. All her joys were boxed and lit, As her transformed from being “she” to “it”. WIDOWS! Have we ever wondered about the life Read more about From “She” to “It”[…]

‘Dear Women’……. A Note From Indian Men

Dear women, here are some things the modern Indian man doesn’t mind anymore: Your Virginity: We no longer think your dignity and character depends on the state of your hymen. We have risen above that. Your past relationships: they don’t haunt us anymore, and we have learned to accept that everyone has a past. Just Read more about ‘Dear Women’……. A Note From Indian Men[…]

Domestic Violence

Lively as a bird chirping all around, Daddy’s Dearest, with dreams profound. Married and sent away to her “real home”, Slaved night and day with no reward. Only to be mercilessly tortured, painting like a piercing sword. Violence defined her life, For now, she was wedded to agony, befallen as a sorrowful wife!   Domestic Read more about Domestic Violence[…]