To speak of the crudest definition of taboo, it is an inhibition or ban that results from social custom or emotional aversion. Something which cannot be used, approached or mentioned because it is sacred, is a taboo. Such prohibitions are virtually present in every society. “Breaking a taboo” is usually considered questionable by the society. Read more about WHEN TABOO CHANGES INTO AN UGLY CRIME[…]

I went to a chemist

I went to a chemist’s shop yesterday to buy some disprin, the ultimate antidote to my headaches.While I was standing along with other customers, a girl probably of my age came to the shop. Shy and unconfident. When the chemist inquired what she wanted, she looked around sheepishly and after a few seconds in a Read more about I went to a chemist[…]

My Idea of God

God! What an amazingly, overwhelming erratic, enigmatic word. It makes us question our whole belief, our whole seldom. A single, small word of three letters contains a world of possibilities within itself. The most favorite topic of discussion, the most widely critiqued word and the biggest victim of skepticism. The purpose of writing this article Read more about My Idea of God[…]

Keeping up with Feminism….Not with Kardashians

“Could dress up, to get love But guess what? I’m never gonna be that girl Who’s living in a Barbie world Could wake, and makeup, and play dumb Pretending that I need a boy Who’s gonna treat me like a toy But this queen doesn’t need a king” Well, these lines pretty much act as Read more about Keeping up with Feminism….Not with Kardashians[…]

The Odious Odyssey

She was walking briskly, Hastening her hair bun, Juggling with stuff twistingly, She was prepared to run!     Amid the cacophony of the crowded choir, She leaped towards the entry-way, The metro card came outta her fancy attire, Swiping it, she swooshed in gay.   While struggling at the platform, She saw the mayhem Read more about The Odious Odyssey[…]

Session at Dribble Academy

Womenite took a yet another strong step towards eradicating child sexual abuse, this time with girls of a basketball academy. On 30th June 2016, members of Womenite organized a workshop on child sexual abuse for girls of Dribble academy. Dribble Academy is a basketball academy that gives free basketball coaching to children belonging to an economically weaker Read more about Session at Dribble Academy[…]