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Accused Can Sometimes Be The Victim

Reality can be a hoax sometimes. Although human beings are rational thinkers, we tend to believe things that we hear very easily. Victim-blaming comes in many forms and is …
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Budget 2019

Finance Minister Mr Piyush Goyal presented the government’s interim budget on 1st Feb, ’19 against the backdrop of the LS elections.  He left no stone unturned in praising the …
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Girls, a blessing or a burden?

National Girl Child Day! Has anybody thought why is there a need to dedicate a separate day in our country to celebrate a ‘Girl’ child, especially when an International …
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Gillette ad

Gillette’s new ad “The Best A Man Can Be”, that questioned its own tagline “The Best A Man Can Get” has wreaked havoc on the internet since it’s release. …
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Online Harassment

Instead of being curbed despite the growing awareness, a new and quite effective form of harassment has emerged in the market- online harassment. Perpetrators are finding innovative ways to …
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