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Gillette ad

Gillette’s new ad “The Best A Man Can Be”, that questioned its own tagline “The Best A Man Can Get” has wreaked havoc on the internet since it’s release. …
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Online Harassment

Instead of being curbed despite the growing awareness, a new and quite effective form of harassment has emerged in the market- online harassment. Perpetrators are finding innovative ways to …
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Metoo – Step Ahead to Speak

What is now very popularly promoted and also sometimes misused is the #metoo movement. Though this movement gained global popularity in the last one year, the roots of this …
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2018 Rewind – The Landmark Changes

2018 has been a roller coaster ride for the oppressed and the oppressor, for the helpless and the powerful and for the campaigners and the bashers. From marital rape …
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She is your daughter

“ SHE is not our daughter. SHE is our son. ”   Though spoken in a flamboyant and inflated tone, this sentence just summarizes what is still wrong with …
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Education and equality

“Education is a weapon, Education is a need. You deny it to girls, Because you’re insecure, they might lead” We live in the 21 st century. We live in …
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