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The recent case in Chandigarh has proved that not only does India remain unsafe for women, it also lies in a harrowing swamp of victim shaming and lack of …
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You are an airplane. Your job is to fly; fly high, as high as you can. It all depends on the design and the material which is used to …
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The cursed ‘SHE’

Observation of mourning rights:     “She was only two days old when I was brought home for the first time. Her mother kept me close- probably even closer …
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Blood donation camp

         “Jeete hue rakt daan. Jaate jaate netra daan”       Womenite, in association with Lions Blood Bank, set up a blood donation camp on …
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Teach for India, Summer Camp

Womenite took its Workshop on Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) to the centres of Teach For India (TFI). The interactive workshop consisted of a lot of activities that made the …
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Womenite at MCD school

  Womenite has intensified the movement to improve children’s health conditions in our country and prevent them from falling victims to sexual atrocities at a young and vulnerable age. …
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