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The Flipside of India’s Daughter

The December 16th gang rape was unprecedented. Nation-wide protests, international condemnation and political pressure like never before were felt by the nation. The incident swept the nation, wave after …
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The Caged Parrot

By the sides of a busy congested Bazaar, Sat a vendor with a parrot behind the bars. A girl of seventeen as beautiful as a star her disarming laughter …
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The Flipside of Diwali

When the earth is clad in stars And the universe seems illuminated When our lit up faces of joy shoo away the dark of Kartik in a nook of …
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Promoting Gender Equality

What a man and a woman should/should not do was never a role given to society! Yet we created gender roles and then the battle of sex began! With …
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The Fairer of The Fair

In the tender lap of her mother, her life starts, Innocence, affection, and fragrance all around she imparts, Seeing her lovely face, her mother’s face radiates satiety, And her …
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The Blind Eye

We call ourselves social animals. The most so-called civilized group out of all the living beings prevalent on earth. Think again. Is this tag justified? I certainly have no …
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