If Nirbhaya Were Osama’s Daughter

Yes, that is being referred to who was at the top of the list of most wanted terrorists for ten years and single-handedly troubled the most powerful country in the world for years until he was hunted down a few years back. Osama Bin Laden. A very notorious personality he was. Yet his resilience and Read more about If Nirbhaya Were Osama’s Daughter[…]

The Flipside of India’s Daughter

The December 16th gang rape was unprecedented. Nation-wide protests, international condemnation and political pressure like never before were felt by the nation. The incident swept the nation, wave after wave, with protestors pouring in like a never-ending storm. Another slap in the face was the BBC documentary which explicitly showed the mentality of most of Read more about The Flipside of India’s Daughter[…]