From “She” to “It”

The whiteness of her sari bore a different story, Blank face, tearful eyes searching for any leftover glory. Often wondered upon plight of her life, Lost all identity expect “the murderous wife”. All her joys were boxed and lit, As her transformed from being “she” to “it”. WIDOWS! Have we ever wondered about the life Read more about From “She” to “It”[…]

Periodomania: More than cramps, it is taboo that hurts!!!

Oh yes!! I am a woman….oh yes!! I menstruate… This is how God has created me. Then why would he get angry if I enter a temple while my biological cycle? Why would the world want me to be ashamed of my womanhood? I give rise to a newer generation. Why the same blood which Read more about Periodomania: More than cramps, it is taboo that hurts!!![…]

“I’m not a virgin, not a slut either”

“We are all born sexual creatures, thank God, but it’s a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift” – Marilyn Monroe Since ages, in this hypocritical society, virginity has been equated with goodness and virtue of a woman. There is no official medical definition for virginity, although it is often described as Read more about “I’m not a virgin, not a slut either”[…]