May 22, 2017

What We Do


Our mission is to increase the participation of housewives i.e. domestic engineers, in urban neighborhoods across the country. With Womenite, we aim to construct a society that is aware, purposeful, equal, and has active participation of both the sexes with age no bar.

We are an idea that has a purpose. For this, we provide training, informative sessions, and more to build leadership skills in every woman in the next house of yours.


Without her, every home is incomplete.

We believe in the power of a woman. From our mothers to those of others, each one of them has an ability to create a difference with their talents. She might not be a bread earner but is a keeper. She might be dependent but when left alone can lead the group. Such is her power!

Every woman has a story to tell

We believe in listening to the unheard cries of a woman. She might have dreams that lay beneath the sheet of responsibilities. To eliminate the hurdles and to show her a way to exercise her dreams, we hope to help her.

We act more than we speak

Since actions speak louder than words, we do our best in providing opportunities to women to lead. We learn from experiences, work for society, and enable change.