2015 Campaigns

Free Hugs and Free High Fives at Raahgiri

On a bright Sunday morning, with a zeal in our hearts and motivation to break the stereotypes, Womenite took to Raahgiri, Cannaught Place with its campaign, ‘Free Hugs and Free High Fives’.

Several enthusiastic members of Womenite, hugged and hi-fived children, adults, and old aged people of both sexes to break the stereotype that a touch between opposite sexes can be friendly too and not just sexual. With an exuberant response and a vivacious aura, the campaign turned out to be a successful one spreading out a message that society has risen above the stereotypes that previously engulfed it.


Campaign at Raahgiri

Womenite took to the streets once again at Raahgiri to promote gender equality and spread the true wave of feminism.

Team meet

Brainstorming sessions and discussing how to fight patriarchy.

Workshop on Child Sexual Abuse 

Womenite organized a workshop on Child Sexual Abuse at DTU in association with AIESEC.
Child Sexual Abuse is very common in India with 1 in 3 girls being a victim of it whereas the ratio is 1:5 in case of boys. We dont need to be a professional/activist to bring a change. A change has to be brought from within, a change to make this society a better place to live in for everyone. Let us all take a pledge to understand our responsibility towards the society and be a good human.

Training with a counselor 

Womenite celebrates summers with it’s first of a kind, two day workshop on Counselling with Professor Asmita Sharma, a practicing counsellor, with a vision to empower the women community through self introspection where they need to realise that empowerment is what they deserve not what they are helped with. Womenites were trained in the practice counselling to understand people better and help them solve their problems.