2017 campaigns

Fighting Breast Cancer

In front of Garden Galleria, in the honor of Breast Cancer Awareness October, Womenite with several other foundations gave a twist to the campaign.

The morning was fueled with foot tapping Zumba with Gurneet’s FSSA, aerobics by Fitness Dome’s Payal Grover, laughter yoga by Jalvayu Vihar Noida Club and a full stretch yoga with Mr Vimal Jain, drumming by the Djembe Circle, athletic challenges by Decathalon. Nutrition expert, Archanaji shared her words of wisdom, Bipanji urged everyone to compost at home, Gunjan Gaur, Director at Bharti Taneja’s Alps urging Champions to go for permanent makeup especially eyebrows, free mammogram coupons from Max, Pink tattoos by the arty Saksham Bharti kids, mellifluous singing by Sanket, tons of selfless solidarity from the Yodhas ,Cansupport, Indian Cancer Society, Womenite, Pearl Academy, Saksham Bharti, MAK Lubes, BPCL, Marwah Studio, Sapphire Sourcing, Sarthi Home Care,Awaken Foundation Little Care Foundation and JSS Noida.

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Daan Utsav: Joy of giving week

The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.” – Mahatma Gandhi


brings you, under the week of


, the opportunity to look into your own home to generate packs of material for families like your own.

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Blood donation camp

Womenite, in association with Lions Blood Bank, set up a blood donation camp on the 12th of June, 2017.
The event market the Blood Donation Week and was set up outside D-Mall, Netaji Subhash Place (NSP), Delhi. We were able to collect around 50 units of blood and it was a proud moment for all of us as so many people came to volunteer.
It is often believed that too much of blood donation can weaken the body and leave the volunteer ill or frail. Total myth. A normal human can replace the lost blood in a matter of two days. The only thing that blood donation will make you feel is proud.

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Revamping the future: GTB Nagar Community

This project, which began in December 2016, was embarked upon to mainly benefit the children and women of the GTB Nagar community in New Delhi.It all began with teaching the children of the community basic schooling education in English, Maths, Hindi and Science. These children, 30 to 40 in number consisting of a whole age group starting from young children learning their ABCs to those in their final year, preparing for boards.Womenite also conducted a major event on the Republic day. As a surprise to the elders, members of Womenite, along with the community kids, presented a dance performance in the community hall. It was followed by a thunderous round of applause. The day also witnessed events like flag making competition, where all the kids painted their version of Tiranga.Apart from festivals, Womenite has also conducted various workshops to enlighten and empower women of the community.

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Teach For India, Summer camp

Womenite took its Workshop on Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) to the 10 centres of Teach For India (TFI). The interactive workshop consisted of a lot of activities that made the children aware about what they already know and what they need to. Not only this, they got aware about who they trust on and who should be trusted with matters related to the bodily safety.
Children were shown an animated video that described Good Touch and Bad Touch which made them much more aware about what can happen with them. The children were told to write short reviews on sheets and describe what they liked or didn’t like about the session. Most of the students wanted more of the workshops and praised the effort by our volunteers. The kids were pretty pumped to meet the volunteers and even liked their confidence and effortlessness.

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Session on menstrual hygiene in association with Goonj

Members of Womenite along with the passionate team of “Goonj” collaborated to educate women in underprivileged zones about the importance of menstrual hygiene. It was heart warming to see women come out in the open and discuss their many unnecessary anxieties they have to deal with because of the ignorance that prevails in our society with respect to a woman’s body. Availability of proper sanitary napkins is a dream because women are denied the basic right to proper bathrooms in their homes, propelling the need for more awareness regarding cleanliness.
The session led by Goonj made sure that the women accepted menstruation as a clean, beautiful and extremely scientific process of their bodies and helped them acknowledge the need for hygiene. They were taught how to make healthy cotton pads by themselves to minimize cost and maximise efficiency in their lives too. It was an event that reinforced Womenite’s pledge to spread awareness and acknowledge societal depravities.

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CSA session at MCD school

The field work team went to an MCD School in Kalyanpuri. A workshop was conducted on important issues like Child Sexual Abuse, Sanitation and Plastic use.
A group of young and bright students from classes 1 to 5 were our audiences. The workshop was initiated by an introductory interactive session. This was followed by a session explaining the harmful effects of plastic usage and the alternatives to plastic.
The next session held was regarding sanitation and health. Some video clips were shown which were later followed by a talk on the importance of hand washing, bathing and maintaining daily hygiene.
The final session was started off by showing an animated clip depicting sexual abuse of a small girl. Womenite volunteers then talked about child sexual abuse in details on the lines of the video shown to them. The workshop was concluded with an interactive session where questions raised by some of the children were answered.

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16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign

Team Womenite in association with Sayfty and Ahlcon International School conducted a self-defense workshop on 7th December under the supervision of a famous black belt instructor, Mr. Ashish. The workshop was hosted to contribute our support to the campaign – 16 days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence. On the 16th day of the campaign, We may have reached the end of the campaign but the fight against violence against women and girls doesn’t end here. There is a long road ahead but our heads are held high. We will fight till every single woman and girl breathes freely in the safe environment.

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Spreading Joy on Christmas

Team Womenite , on 25th December 2017 while trying to spread some
happiness, went to Bangla Saheb to distribute sheets with Santa’s
picture outlined on them to the kids. The children filled them with the
brightest of colors of their desire. We also kept a sweet reward for the
best artwork. Every kid from the ones with their parents to the ones selling candles and Santa’s caps came to participate. It was such a delight to see the blissful faces of the children.

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Selvi’s bus tour

Team Womenite , on 25th December 2017 while trying to spread some happiness, went to Bangla Saheb to distribute sheets with Santa’s picture outlined on them to the kids. The children filled them with the brightest of colors of their desire. We also kept a sweet reward for the best artwork. Every kid from the ones with their parents to the ones selling candles and Santa’s caps came to participate. It was such a delight to see the blissful faces of the children. South India’s first woman taxi driver, Selvi was forced to marry at 14. The marriage turned out to be a violent and abusive one. One day, in desperation, she decided to commit suicide by throwing herself under a bus. However, at the last minute, she chose to board the bus instead, kick-starting a remarkable journey to freedom and self-reliance.We see someone who defied stereotypes by learning to drive and starting her own taxi company, giving it up for a while to raise her daughter and returning to drive heavy vehicles, emerging as a true inspiration for women in our patriarchal society. Driving with Selvi was screened in Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar pradesh, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in the bus tour.

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