Portrayal of Women in Entertainment World

Bhavya Blog September 13, 2020


When people talk about entertainment and media platforms, they only think about male star leads. The male section of the society has dominated the entertainment industry for decades. Even today the entertainment industry is all about male and the female section is portrayed as objects for attention.


Is that the fault of industry only? No, it’s us as well. We’re to be blamed for creating stereotypes. We have seen women as a side character or a character with no importance. Women are portrayed as homemakers whereas men are shown as money makers and head of the household. The world relies on the entertainment industry to form as well as showcase a perspective but objectifying women is creating a negative impact about in our society.¬†


Even though times have changed and women are getting not getting importance in the entertainment industry, they’re still seen through a stereotypical lens that sets impossible beauty standards and inequality among the genders. Female representation has a great impact on society.


Underrepresentation creates the issue of a significant wage gap which further instigates men taking major credits for their part in a movie than their female counterparts. Casting couch is another problem faced by women which acts as a major hurdle for them as they’re only seen to add the ‘Glamour Factor’s in the industry . However, this trend appears to gradually decrease with the increase in women centric films over the last five years.


But even after production of women centric films , the mentality of people hasn’t changed and that’s one of the major issues in objectifying women in the industry. Are women in the entertainment industry just for appealing to an audience and do not deserve their own identity? Women have been fighting since ages to make an identity of their own in each and every field but there are people who think that women are just homemakers and the same is being shown on screens. Actresses like Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra spoke about the attention that they don’t get even after working so hard for years. Objectifying a gender is the worst thing in humankind.¬† The entertainment industry is in constant struggle to find a method that would make a balance between the genders. The impossible beauty standards which showcase that women should be thin, fair and should only be home makers and do not deserve to have a career of their own is creating negative impacts on society. From years, people apply the things that they see on screen. This is one of the reasons that is making the situation of women more miserable. Many of the females are starving themselves just to get that beauty standard¬† set by the industry. They are eating less and exercise beyond their boundaries to get that model look. Women in the media are either the best examples or the worst. Though many women have started to showcase the real power of females, there are still many females who accepted the stereotypical Portrayal of women. Young girls look out to one person and if it’s from the entertainment industry, there are numerous things that affect their thinking and raised problems such as eating disorders, sexualizing clothes and their over psychological well-being. Media is everywhere and Portrayal of women has been a controversial topic since the beginning. The industry portrayed women in a way that is unattainable and unrealistic which leads to depression, drug intakes among the women in the industry. Women are shown as the so called ‘Perfectionist’ instead of showing the diversity, self Love or acceptance of their own flaws.


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