Acid Attack

My mirror no longer smiles at me,
I am scared of the reflection I see.

The liquid fire has distorted my face,
Made me too afraid to face the human race.

For some will smile and say, ” She deserved it .”
Some will smirk, some will disparage,
But none will emancipate me from this mishap, this brutal miscarriage.

I was a happy living soul following my dreams,
Until one day some psycho came,
And my sea of joy changed into a painful stream.

I remember the day when my father said, “My daughter will earn me name, “
But today to protect me from further shame is all that he aims.

I’ve hidden all my old pictures below my bed,
For it’s too painful to see with eyes turning red.

My friends are meeting their soul-mates,
And here I lie stabbed with hate.

I too wish for someone to come and hold my hand,
And kiss me on my forehead, drive me into a magical land.

I am sick of tragedy and pray for a fairy tale,
But is it possible when criminals are still out on bail?

Yesterday I wept, disgusted and ashamed,
When my brother told me of acid being freely sold in the market across the lane.

I look for composure but I get none,
All restrictions are for girls,
And no teachings for the sons.

I’ve raised my voice against acid attack,
Muster all the courage you think you lack.
Fight against the wrong,
They must be punished,
Before your world too is tarnished. 


-Yashika Kant

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