About Us

Womenite stemmed from an incessant and urgent need to address the ineptitude of a society which was not only functioning on a set of inherently flawed ideals but seemingly thriving on them too. It is a youth-led youth-driven social initiative committed to bringing a change. Through education, love and empowerment we seek to create a society equal in its norms of gender and appreciative of differences.

A community built on passion and hope to carry around a desire to see the world transform underneath nurturing and driven fingertips, we envision a better society for the generations to come. Actualising that dream is our responsibility, and so we call ourselves the changemakers; harbingers of change, not saviours but a wave heralding a do-over. Currently, we are conducting workshops on issues like Menstrual Health, Child Sexual Abuse, Gender Equality and various other topics of consequence in hopes of breaking stereotypes and bringing about tangible change.


Fuelled by a set of commonly shared values and spurred on by our passion, our mission is an unwavering determination to the betterment of society. Being work orientated as we are, we believe in doing rather than the preaching of doing. We work tirelessly towards dissemination of information to raise awareness about issues of consequence and bring about a shift in widespread mentality.


We envision a society based off of not only equality but the softer nuances of feminism. Our vision is helping create a world acceptive and appreciative of people because of who they are and not impose their ideas of gender, sexuality, ability, race, religion, class or caste on others. We believe in love and have faith in the power it exhibits.

Logo credits: Himanshu