Dear Men,

God made us equal. He gave some powers to you and some to us, we are made to complement and complete one another. Therefore, you are requested not to overestimate yourself AND underestimate us. We may not raise our voice against you but that doesn’t mean we don’t have the courage to speak up. Maybe you are physically that strong but remember we are mentally stronger than you.  Mind it, mental and emotional strength is more important than physical strength. It cannot be achieved by lifting weights and doing pushups. When you guys stare with your mouth open whenever a girl passes by, you look no less than a dog. Oh! Why am I insulting the dog when it has done nothing wrong! When you pass lewd comments on us, it portrays your character.So please try to find out some better pass time instead of passing comments on us. We are not the objects rather we are your counterparts. Better get this in your head. We are no less than you! Your weakness is our strength and vice-versa. Give us the respect we deserve as we do.

-Abhishek Bansal

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