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No Uterus, No Opinion!

Recently, the most aggressive anti-abortion law was signed by the Governor of Alabama which has jeopardized the rights of womenfolk. According to this law, permissions for abortion will be …
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Menstruation – Still a Taboo

Menstrual Hygiene was a taboo issue for decades in our society. But, for the last few years, different communities and some institutions working for women empowerment around the globe …
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Embracing Individuality

“Heart of a lion, sparkle of a star Subtle like morning dew, flawless is her scar. In this world flooding with agitation Love is her only religion. She’s got …
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Accused Can Sometimes Be The Victim

Reality can be a hoax sometimes. Although human beings are rational thinkers, we tend to believe things that we hear very easily. Victim-blaming comes in many forms and is …
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Budget 2019

Finance Minister Mr Piyush Goyal presented the government’s interim budget on 1st Feb, ’19 against the backdrop of the LS elections.  He left no stone unturned in praising the …
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