Daan Utsav: Joy of giving week

The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful than a thousand heads bowing in prayer.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

Womenite brings you, under the week of #DaanUtsav, the opportunity to look into your own home to generate packs of material for families like your own.


Daan Utsav – Campaign 1- Day 3
Team Womenite visited the Summer Fields School, Kailash Colony. We conducted Ice Breaker, Diya Decoration and Card Making Competition on the theme ‘Happiness’. A lot was shared by the students of grade 4 and 5. We ended with a prize and certificate distribution ceremony. It was a delight to see the enthusiasm filling up the air


Daan Utsav – Campaign 2 – Day 3

A successful day was accomplished with the help of our collaborators:
Department of Human Development and Family Empowerment and Janki Devi Memorial College (University of Delhi).


Members of team Womenite spent the day with the zealous kids at Prayas NGO. We organised a drawing competition an a lot of fun-filled activities.

Let’s continue to work together and bring about the winds of change.


Daan Utsav – Campaign 1 – Day 4

Yet another day of the Joy of Giving Week was pulled off. Our team hosted this event in collaboration with Department of Human Development and Family Empowerment, Janki Devi Memorial College. (University of Delhi)

Unlike our usual campaigns, Womenite was all set to host a talent show event at the Bal Sahyog Social Welfare Organisation.

Very young kids portrayed their admirable skills at this organisation, founded by Smt. Indira Gandhi.

Daan Utsav – Campaign 2 – Day 4
As our post yesterday said, in collaboration with Delhi Metro Rail Corporation our team set up a stall at Noida City Centre Metro Station Today from 8 am to 8 pm.
Passengers on the metro donated stationery and other items the could and we’ve now got plenty to distribute amongst the poor. All thanks to the big-hearted people of NCR


Womenite concluded its #daanUtsav celebrations by visiting Jagriti Home. The team interacted with the kids by playing different games involving singing and dancing. They talked to them as well as distributed candies and various stationery items. The kids were delightful and had a lot to share.


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