‘Dear Women’……. A Note From Indian Men

Dear women, here are some things the modern Indian man doesn’t mind anymore:

  • Your Virginity:

    We no longer think your dignity and character depends on the state of your hymen. We have risen above that.

  • Your past relationships:

    they don’t haunt us anymore, and we have learned to accept that everyone has a past. Just as long as you remain true to us, we are good.

  • Drinking:

    As long as you can handle it, and remain safe, it isn’t an issue. Men do it all the time, so it shouldn’t be any different for you either.

  • Late working hours:

    It is a basic need to be met, so what difference does it make, if you put in extra effort to do it well? Till how late you work isn’t a measure of your character.

  • The clothes you wear:

    Your Clothes, Your Choice. Period.

  • Paying the bill:

    you wanting to pay half the bill doesn’t hurt our ego, nor does it undermine our masculinity. We rather take it as a mark of being responsible.

  • Your aspirations:

    We don’t believe that a woman should be confined to household chores. You have as much right to dream as we do. If you have a good prospect abroad, we are there for your support.

  • Not conforming to conventions:

    We no longer judge women based on the conventions set by the society. She might well be who and what she wants to be, as per her comfort, and ease, and we will still value and respect her.

  • Flirting:

    “harmless flirting” is what we tag it as. It works well for us, and we don’t judge every girl who hangs out with a bunch of boys. There is nothing wrong in wanting some attention at times. Also, it is kind of fun to see this side of you. *wink*

  • You earning more than us:

    given this, it eases us off the burden of being the breadwinner of the family. Also, there are more things for us to think about than worry about ‘how much she earns?’

Aesha Agarwal

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