Hey, girl! Let’s dedicate this space and the time you’ve taken out to read this, to honesty and some serious girl-talk. Well, I’m not going to gossip or beat around the bush. So, getting straight to the point, tell me what thoughts you bore in mind the last time you went to the salon to get waxing done? Didn’t your skin feel like screaming silently to avoid that catastrophe? Were you not wishing secretly that, had this been avoidable, you would never let that attendant peel hair off your limbs so brutally?

Now as it happens, my overloaded train of thoughts and the list of bizarre things you and other women have to do, does not end just here.

Did you ever pay heed that you stopped enjoying the Sun ‘cause you were afraid of getting tanned? You let the vicious cosmetic industry fool and fiddle you because you were afraid of not being proclaimed beautiful by some nincompoops based on how well painted your skin was. You convinced yourself to wear those cruel and painful high-heels with dresses so uncomfortable, just because you wanted to fit into some irrational, extraterrestrial standards. You began to starve yourself and shrank while exercising reluctantly because you feared not being in some stupid, dreamy shape they had decided for you. You learned to cook, not out of interest but because of those well-rooted stereotypes in your head that girls must cook. You learned to stay silent because you and your family feared insinuations for no one objects boys, let alone those rowdy hooligans down the street.

Now I’m struck with another thought that you might not be wrong!  Do you know why? Because, you have always inhaled the air of the society that taught you to be ashamed of yourself, to be so embarrassingly sentient of yourself that you even forgot to live in your own skin. In return, involuntarily, you exhale the air that stinks with capitulation and submission. But you know what beautiful, you and all those girlies out there are the surreal, strong, celestial vines, only apparently fragile. As the truth is, you have the brains and the bent to climb the ladders of life, growing all along. Really, you are a vine that does not ask for sustenance and can eclipse the greatest of the trees. Still, you let the pests of sexism infect and destroy your greenery and bloom! Oh why do you let them dictate your life and why do you have to play the submissive again and again and again, for eternities? How many centuries would it take to sink in that you are not filth just because you got a vagina and that you are not a piece of meat meant to bear every unfounded atrocity just because you can bear babies!

You must get yourself waxed, wear heels and dresses as you please, decorate your face with makeup, workout hard, and cook, but, only if you wish to. And not because the society has made you believe that you are supposed to. You dream, aspire and do whatever you actually want to. Live in your own skin and reincarnate from the half, cursed life that had been strangling your voice, your freedom and your entire existence. And, just be you!

Nidhi Saxena 

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