If Nirbhaya Were Osama’s Daughter

Yes, that is being referred to who was at the top of the list of most wanted terrorists for ten years and single-handedly troubled the most powerful country in the world for years until he was hunted down a few years back. Osama Bin Laden. A very notorious personality he was. Yet his resilience and resolute nature were exemplary.

On the other hand, that Nirbhaya is not being referred to who became victim to a heinous sexual assault and died eventually in the winters of 2012. In fact, Nirbhaya is that woman who is still vulnerable to such an assault, who still leads a life full of restrictions, who is still waiting for people to change and who is still unaware of the fact that her weaknesses drive this society. Hence, Nirbhaya is the cause of her own problems, her own miseries, her own downfall and her own demise.

But if she had inherited the positive traits of Osama, his confidence, his resilience, his aggression and his rage, the situation would have been completely different. Her so called weaknesses would become her strengths. Her helplessness would become her instinct to counter. Her restrictions would become her reasons to conquer. Her expectations for a change would become her passion for bringing a change. Her faults would become her definition. Her miseries would become her provocations. And her demise would become a history.

Adamya Sharma

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