Keeping up with Feminism….Not with Kardashians

“Could dress up, to get love
But guess what?
I’m never gonna be that girl
Who’s living in a Barbie world
Could wake, and makeup, and play dumb
Pretending that I need a boy
Who’s gonna treat me like a toy
But this queen doesn’t need a king”
Well, these lines pretty much act as a countercheck for the people’s mentality that restricts and refrains the identity of women to being primarily beautiful, curvy, pleasing and attractive in the eyes of men. This ultimately sets various status quo for women to constrain themselves within these limitations, bars or etiquettes of femininity and to be that way and hassle toward to achieve this barmy tag ‘engaging and winsome’ set by the patriarchal society. And there is one family amongst the mob who could be blamed for setting this “trend” in the society who is none other than the Kardashian clan.
Yes! This is the family who has earned fame by using their bodies and personal lives as a tool to trigger such a great amount of fan following. This is already so astonishing and flabbergasting that people follow and look up to those people who do not possess any kind of talent and are the harbingers of wrong ideas… But as they say “sex sells”. They have been gathering the attention of the masses through various cheesy ways like modeling for Playboy magazine, leaked tapes, mega bucks weddings and separations, and friendship with big Hollywood stars. But the one who has reached the pinnacle of stardom is Kim.
Well, these are the ladies who have been making people say ‘The Kardashian Obsession’. They are the ones who are setting this so called “fashion statements” through nudity, stuffing themselves with a copious amount of silicone, boob and backside contemplation, injecting their lips with fillers and contouring every single body part which is causing no good but creating a feminism body dysmorphia. They are somehow corrupting the image of women by taking them down to be considered as a toy for men for their pleasure and satisfaction.
Against the deluge of loathing and as well as adoration, not only they are making handsome money but also shaking the ideologies and concerns of feminist intellectuals and other authorities concerned with it. Despite this, they are huge social media stars having an Instagram following of over 16 million. Same goes for facebook, twitter, and other social media platforms. Well, some credits for this mind gobbling amount of following also goes to the media. They are the ones who are truly making them ‘famous’. From magazine covers to news headlines, they are just adding more following to them which seems that they are also supporting their norms of projecting women as a mannequin.
Feminist ideologies and ethics are completely disrupted by their actions. Instead of promoting and encouraging women to foster their energy, concern, and strengths towards more promising sectors like educated, following one’s passion, exploring the world, taking part in country’s administrative and law making sectors and the most important of all, standing for their rights. But their actions scream loud for sensuality and lure man towards women’s body, not for her sanctity but only vanity. Instead of encouraging them to embrace who they are already, they are compelling them to find Joie di Vivre in materialistic things.
The truth is that this narcissistic millennium adores it as well as ‘kardashianilise’ there every day trying to become one that they are not. This selfie obsessed genera amongst these overwhelming events and objects of distraction might find a little space in their mentality for feministic goals and to religiously follow the righteousness path for women upliftment.

Akanksha Saxena

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