Know How to Remove Your Offensive Pictures from Google and Bing

The ever increasing cyber crime along with the newly unfolded business of ‘revenge-porn’ is the reason why our generation has trust issues? It seems like 21st-century couples have forgotten how to love, forgive and forget. On the one hand, we see a couple’s private chat going on air, while on the other we see private pictures of ex-girlfriend/boyfriend posted on websites post-breakup!

It all starts with a fight leading to break-ups. And what comes next is the horrifying reality of today! A list of cases have been reported, majorly by girls, of becoming a victim of the revenge their ‘thought-to-be-soul mates’ take on them! All of a sudden those up, close and personal photos in their mobiles become viral on the internet and their phone numbers become public property… It is unfair, disgusting, embarrassing and harms the dignity of the girl involved.

What could possibly save them from the dead end – ‘suicide’??

They say there are two sides to every coin. Probably! Because the same internet which could take their lives have even found the therapy… Microsoft and Bing, the two well-known search engines of today have extended their helping hands to save the victims of revenge porn from family and public humiliation.

While Bing has launched a system which can help the victims identify their personal pictures on the Internet and request to remove the same. Not only, the obscene or explicit images be removed from Bing, but also from OneDrive and Xbox Live, if any.

To report a picture to the Google, redirect here and to report it directly to Microsoft, redirect here.

Remember, Google cannot delete the pictures from the database but will make it disappear from the searches which will be almost impossible for anyone except Microsoft itself to find.

This is a great step towards making the world safe and secure.

Sugandha Dhamija

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