Know me for once!

It’s not a plea, neither resentment but a message of love, the love which binds us from others.I am conveying myself, expressing my affection towards all those who are accepting me with welcoming hands. Unlock your minds and open your heart…… will feel the warmth of my sunshine!


I may not fall at your feet dear,

But with love, I’ll touch them,

I’ll bow before you in gratitude,

If you’ll never leave me in solitude.


I’ll place you gently,

In the bosom of my lap,

Sleeping on the heap of ‘your’ wishes,

If you’ll notice, I had strained naps.

Still, I’ll keep on walking with you,

In the ‘Eden’ of timeless space,

If ever you wish to see,

The journey I have throughout embraced.


I’ll keep changing the snaps,

In that lovely frame every year,

By chance, if you have seen that,

For I do it on your birthday ‘dear’.

Don’t worry for oblivescence,

Those cherishable extracts of gay,

The day you’ll be nostalgic for them,

I’ll be bidding you farewell that day……..


-Priyam Vada

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