Promoting Gender Equality

What a man and a woman should/should not do was never a role given to society! Yet we created gender roles and then the battle of sex began!
With this powerful thought in our minds, Womenite took to the Raahgiri for the second time to reach out to fellow Delhites and know their views and thoughts on the topic of ‘Gender Equality’.

Voicing their views over issues such as ‘girls wearing short clothes in public’ and ‘girls asked to change their surname post-marriage’; people had mixed reactions. Some found it ‘cool’ while some considered it a stereotype in the society. Although people agreed that modern perceptions have changed, our nation is still entangled in the web of inequality.

Nevertheless, it was a fun-filled experience and another achievement in the book of ‘Womenite’s endeavours’ to spread the message of change and to bring about that change.


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