Raahgiri Campaign – ‘Free Hugs, Free High-Fives!’

On a bright Sunday morning, with a zeal in our hearts and motivation to break the stereotypes, Womenite took to Raahgiri, Cannaught Place with its campaign, ‘Free Hugs and Free High Fives’.

Several enthusiastic members of Womenite, hugged and hi-fived children, adults, and old aged people of both sexes to break the stereotype that a touch between opposite sexes can be friendly too and not just sexual. With an exuberant response and a vivacious aura, the campaign turned out to be a successful one spreading out a message that society has risen above the stereotypes that previously engulfed it.

Hoping to spread more smiles and add more such splendid Sundays to the journey, Womenite wishes you a ver happy ‘Joy of Giving Week’.


-Abhishek Bansal

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