Revamping the future: GTB Nagar Community

This project, which began in December 2016, was embarked upon to mainly benefit the children and women of the GTB Nagar community in New Delhi.
It all began with teaching the children of the community basic schooling education in English, Maths, Hindi and Science. These children, 30 to 40 in number consisting of a whole age group starting from young children learning their ABCs to those in their final year, preparing for boards.
In order to form a close bond with these kids, Womenite celebrated major festivals with these kids. Beginning with Christmas, we literally became Santa for these kids and spent the day with them. We played games, listened to their stories, interacted with them and at last gave them tiny little presents. Our efforts were well received with precious smiles and tears.
Womenite also conducted a major event on the Republic day. As a surprise to the elders, members of Womenite, along with the community kids, presented a dance performance in the community hall. It was followed by a thunderous round of applause. The day also witnessed events like flag making competition, where all the kids painted their version of Tiranga.
Apart from festivals, Womenite has also conducted various workshops to enlighten and empower women of the community.
The first workshop, conducted in collaboration with Goonj, was on menstrual health. This workshop, apart from providing basic knowledge about menstruation, also tried to debunk the common taboos related to menstruation. Women were made aware of the benefits of using cotton pads.
At present, Womenite is conducting a workshop on sanitation and menstrual hygiene.
In the last four months, Womenite has formed a close bond with these people and promises to be their “CHANGEMAKERS”.

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