Teach for India, Summer Camp

Womenite took its Workshop on Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) to the centres of Teach For India

(TFI). The interactive workshop consisted of a lot of activities that made the children aware

about what they already know and what they need to. Not only this, they got aware about

who they trust on and who should be trusted with matters related to the bodily safety.

“I really liked the session. Didi and Bhaiya please come again to tell us more. You were very

nice and taught us good things. Thank you.” – a child at TFI.

Children were shown an animated video that described Good Touch and Bad Touch which

made them much more aware about what can happen with them. The children were told to

write short reviews on sheets and describe what they liked or didn’t like about the session.

Most of the students wanted more of the workshops and praised the effort by our

volunteers. The kids were pretty pumped to meet the volunteers and even liked their

confidence and effortlessness.

“I gave a session in Arjangarh. The session was great. Kids were very interactive and seemed

to be very alert during the session. Many girls opened up and shared their personal

experiences. Students had fun during the session and asked us to come again.”

– Bhavna Saini, Womenite

The kids wrote requests calling our volunteers back. Clearly, leaving impact is the one skill

that Womenite has now mastered. The sessions at all centres were successful, fun and very

informative. Womenite hopes to deliver more such sessions in the future. After all, the kids

expect us to be back!

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