The Blind Eye

We call ourselves social animals.
The most so-called civilized group out of all the living beings prevalent on earth.
Think again. Is this tag justified?
I certainly have no doubt with the latter ‘animal part’.
We are worse than animals.Turning a blind eye to almost everything that’s happening around us. Portraying sheer lack of emotional contact with other humans.
And by others, I certainly do not confine myself to mere family and friends.I mean, Everyone.
Our callous attitude towards the society is fatal.Turning a blind eye to everything, displaying that‘none of my business attitude.’
When is this going to stop?
When am I? When are you, 19 years old when are we opening our eyes! When?

19-year-old was brutally murdered in front of 50 people in Delhi. She was attacked with such brutality that she eventually succumbed to her injuries.Well, I’m not going to give you a news report about this. Neither am I going to give you the gritty details of this horror show. We all know what happened. Thanks to the media.We hear such cases all the time, don’t we? A girl gets raped and hanged to death in some village, an uncle molested his ten-year-old niece, acid attack by a psycho lover and the list goes on.These cases make headlines daily, but the question remains. Does this make any impact on us?Or are we still caught up in that blindness?
The police had turned a blind eye when the girl had earlier reported about the accused men. No strict actions were taken back then and the result is before us.It is because of the inefficiency of the police that these undeterred criminals had the audacity to commit such a heinous crime. Not only the police but our society too is affected by this blindness. We all turned a blind eye when this girl from central Delhi was uncouthly and barbarically stabbed 35 times in front of her own house. When she was shouting for help, when those monsters were torturing her to death, we all stood there as mute spectators and saw all of it.
Out of all the fifty people who witnessed this dreadful act in front of their eyes, hardly some hands came forward for help and the worst part is that only and sadly three people came forward as witnesses for the same.
The rest 47, chose to stay silent, putting their consciences to sleep.
Just because this girl wasn’t their own daughter? Because she wasn’t their blood?
But wasn’t she a human too? Someone who had her entire life ahead of her.
Someone who walked on the same earth as they did, someone who’s mother must have weaved dreams of getting her married.
But then she wasn’t my daughter!
Sir! Ma’am! Is that all? Alas.I guess it is.
We teach our kids that humanity is the greatest religion, article ?but we fail to apply it.
What can we do now?
Do a candle march? Shout slogans? Or sit on our couches read articles?
No.We can definitely do a lot more than this.
Let us all learn to be a little more responsible and sensitive towards others, irrespective of who they are. Let us build a nation that our leaders dreamt of. An India so great that none could alter, a nation so beautiful, that no darkness and no blindness prevails.

Mariyam Naqvi

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