The Differences

Amongst all the celebrations and hearts elated,

Demands of dowry still not completely prohibited,

Hypocrisy in those sugar coated words,

Just a little financial security for your little girl.

Today it happened yet again,

A man was raped, but the societal superhero manly cape,

Did not allow him to speak but fake,

A man cannot be raped they say,

The unspoken truths are hidden but stay.

They say love is blind,

But still, they expect us to play and find,

A perfect match within our caste,

By saying that inter-caste love marriages don’t last.

Don’t enter inside the temple today,

The goddess will get angry, don’t pray

Don’t touch the pure drinking water they say,

These notions will one day turn this colorful world gray.

Together they would fight the world,

Because without each other the life looks so dull,

Society will attach stigmas to their relation,

What if they are of the same gender, their hearts are full of elation resisting separation.

We’re all the same yet so different,

Caught in the societal web and swaying takes just an instant,

Beliefs, perceptions. Stereotypes, such a choking net!

What if we were allowed to differ yet respect,

Each other’s opinions and accept change,

Prospering in the world so free and strange.


Chaitanya Sharma

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