The Fairer of The Fair

In the tender lap of her mother, her life starts,

Innocence, affection, and fragrance all around she imparts,

Seeing her lovely face, her mother’s face radiates satiety,

And her sparkling eyes exude so much purity,

Some narrow-minded people regard her as a curse,

And dislike her in the hearts they nurse.

Some kill her even before she has breathed air,

For they want a boy, no, they want an heir.

From times immemorial, she has been tortured,

To brainless rites, she has been tethered,

She has been treated as a weaker sex and has been underestimated,

As a feeble thing, she has been rated.

But it’s time we stop burning her alive as a Sati,

It’s time we stop nagging, for her beliefs so petty,

It’s time to give her a deserved place in society,

It’s time we make her, change her priority.

Aarushi Kaushik

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