The Odious Odyssey

She was walking briskly,

Hastening her hair bun,

Juggling with stuff twistingly,

She was prepared to run!



Amid the cacophony of the crowded choir,

She leaped towards the entry-way,

The metro card came outta her fancy attire,

Swiping it, she swooshed in gay.


While struggling at the platform,

She saw the mayhem of the day,

‘Humanoids’ cursing the norms,

Rebuking others, they made their way.


Unluckily! Not in the vanity of pink,

She rather landed in the hunky coach,

Filled with masculine scent,

Full of faces scorched.


At every station,

The friction of egos clashed,

More men came in, to her vexation,

Until her bones crashed!


She got roughly jolted,

With every break and jerk,

The rain of human sweat,

Blemished her umbrella skirt.


Wings of her jolly feminity,

Couldn’t even flap,

The bars of virile rigidity,

Set like a trap!

Flowing from her ‘cherried’ lips,

Was the gist of wine,

A man leaned on her to sip,

To  plunder the modesty of this ‘Grapevine’,


In the ambit of ‘his’ wild bush,

He held her lushness tight,

To escape from the shackles and rush,

She pushed the crowd, with all her might,


The unmovable crowd,

Forbid her to get out,

She pondered upon thence,

That “strength lies in the sense”!


Like a frail grapevine,

Cleverly she acted to faint,

Giving the man chills in spine,

His disgraceful face became pale.


“Emergency”! exclaimed a ‘minion’,

When others were tremulously shaken,

Metro stopped !alarms rung!

To the platform, the maiden was taken.

Though freed from the dreadful hell,

Yet she came out in distress,

More tragic than the assault was,

“None in the rushing crowd was a witness”!


Regaining the lost esteem,

She boarded the next train,

This time assuring no man ‘leans’,

She headed for the ‘Woman’s  Lane’.


-Priyam Vada 

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