Women And Depression

The one common thing that happens to 85% of the women section is depression. Depression is a state of mind that causes mood disorder effects a person’s daily life. It is not as same as sadness. Sadness goes away with time but depression can affect a person’s feeling, the way they think and their everyday life.

Depression has a great impact on every area of a woman’s life – physically, emotionally as well as economically. Symptoms of depression varies from woman to woman depending upon the stage of depression they are in.

Some might feel helplessness and hopelessness whereas some might not get any more about their hobbies for fast times and social activities that the used to like in the past. many women feels and restless, trouble concentrating on something, sluggish,d of energy and troubling making decisions as well as pain and aches. The list doesn’t end here. it also leads to significant weight gain on weight loss because of appetite changes and definitely the suicidal thoughts.

Now what are the causes of depression in women? There are many reasons for going into depression such as menstruation, family pressure, career tensions, domestic violence and many more but along with that what matters is the support that they don’t get. women need support and understanding but instead of getting that they are being criticized for mentioning their mental health and wellness.

The lack of support and understanding leads to worsen the condition of the women suffering from depression.

In order to overcome the mental illness women needs to be treated equally important as men. The right treatment can eventually improve the condition of women.

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