Womenite at MCD school

Womenite has intensified the movement to improve children’s health conditions in our country and prevent them from falling victims to sexual atrocities at a young and vulnerable age.

The field work team went to an MCD School in Kalyanpuri. A workshop was conducted on important issues like Child Sexual Abuse, Sanitation and Plastic use.

A group of young and bright students from classes 1 to 5 were our audiences. The workshop was initiated by an introductory interactive session. This was followed by a session explaining the harmful effects of plastic usage and the alternatives to plastic.


The next session held was regarding sanitation and health. Some video clips were shown which were later followed by a talk on the importance of hand washing, bathing and maintaining daily hygiene.

The final session was started off by showing an animated clip depicting sexual abuse of a small girl. Womenite volunteers then talked about child sexual abuse in details on the lines of the video shown to them. The workshop was concluded with an interactive session where questions raised by some of the children were answered.

Their enthusiasm and eager to learn attitude made it easier for our volunteers to conduct a successful workshop.

Efforts were made by our volunteers to maintain an informal and vibrant environment and preserve their innocent smile. I mean, isn’t that why we do, what we do!


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